9in1 Hand Blender

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9in1 Hand Blender - SHB 5501CH-EUE3

  • 6-YEAR WARRANTY for Motor
  • TITANIUM Quad Blade Technology
  • Power Input 1200 W

Stainless Steel Blades 9in1 Hand Blender


Use my features to the maximum and make space in your kitchen! Hand Blender presents me as the Sencor SHB 5501CH-EUE3 hand blender and offers nine functions/attachments in one. The power output of 1200W is quite respectable and will give fantastic results when mixing whipping, chopping crushing, or grating.

You can work with me confidence knowing that my motor will produce the highest quality performance and is durable! Sencor supplied me with such an outstanding motor that it offered me the best performance. 6-year guarantee. Isn't that awesome?

Feel comfortable while using an ergonomic grip that sits perfectly on any hand! You can set up as high as twenty speeds on using the knob, which can manage both hard and soft food items from porridge to nuts or Ice.

Hand Blender Mix smoothies and soups or whip up a tasty creamy mayonnaise or cream. With my ergonomically designed handle, I can work like a dream. Set up the pair of whisks as well as the stick to mix onto it. The whisks and the stick are constructed from stainless steel, and the rod head comes with four top-quality stainless steel knives coated with titanium to keep the highest quantity of nutrients. For ease of use, you can use an 800-milliliter mixing bowl.

It is no longer necessary to be teary-eyed while cutting onions, and you'll be able to save time in cooking ingredients. The 500ml Chopper vessel comes with its stainless-steel blade that is dependable in cutting as well as fruits and vegetables, as well as meat, nuts or even ice to make an excellent cocktail. You can save time and tears by just a few steps.

The multifunctional processor differs from the classic chopper mainly on account of the sickle-shaped knife and also the several attachments for cutting, slicing, and grating, it depends on the roughness you want. Would you like to grate carrots or cucumbers for salad or homemade spread ingredients? No problem! The food processor has a really large volume of 1250ml for a nice amount of food products. 

Hand Blender has several vessels that complement my multifunctional capabilities. All vessels have an anti-slip pad, which guarantees their perfect stability. 

BENEFITS of Hand Blender

  • 6-YEAR WARRANTY for Motor
  • TITANIUM Quad Blade Technology
  • Power Input 1 200 W
  • Continuous Speed Control (20 Speeds)
  • Ergonomically Shaped Handle
  • Stainless Steel Attachment that Can Also be Used to Mix Hot Foods


  • 800 ml Beaker with Lid
  • 500 ml Chopper with a Stainless Steel Blade and a Lid
  • 1 250 ml with Stainless Steel Blades
  • Stainless Steel Double Whisker


  • Main Power Switch with LED Backlight
  • Attachment Release Buttons
  • Hanging Loop
  • Length of Power cord: 1.2 m
  • Power input: 1200 W
  • Ice crusher: No
  • Speeds: 20
  • Continuous control: Yes
  • Container Material : Plastic
  • Safety: Yes
  • Number of attachments: 9
  • Whisk attachment: Yes
  • Wall mount: No
  • Height : 40.5 cm
  • Depth : 6.8 cm
  • Colour: Grey/Black


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