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5in1 Candle Stand - Black/Golden - 1 Pcs - Metal

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5in1 Candle Stand - Black/Golden - 1 Pcs - Metal

5in1 Candle Stand - Black/Golden - 1 Pcs - Metal


5in1 Candle Stand - Black/Golden - 1 Pcs - Metal, 5 in 1 candle holder with the golden base with extended bars on the right and left sides. The size of this candle holder is 12 inches long and 8-inch in width. All five holders are black in color. It is used in wedding ceremony décor, hotel décor, and home décor. This candle holder is made of metal.

The candle stand is constructed from high-quality glass and material. The best thing about this stand is that you are able to use three candles to light it. It can give a more attractive appearance if you choose to use colored candles since the glass are clear, so it is easy to showcase the candles that you love within the glass.

The stand is a distinctive golden hue, which is elegant. Don't wait and get the ring candle stand now to enjoy royal vibes in a unique way. A wide variety of related products are available at the Cartco.


  • 5in1 candle holder decoration
  • Color: Golden and black
  • Size: 12 inches long and 8 inches wide
  • Material: Metal
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