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Akekio PD 18W USB Wall Charger AC26

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High-Quality Akekio PD 18W USB Wall Charger AC26

Original Akekio PD 18W USB Wall Charger AC26


Ac26/PD 18W USB Wall Charger from Akekio Dynamic sleek designs carry over supercar features. Travel with full power at any time with a dual-port rapid charger. While quick charging is slowing down. Rethink pricing in terms of safety. powerful and long-lasting fire retardant. Recharge in silence while you go off to sleep. Excellent transformer impregnation process, suitable oscillation frequency design that departs from the audio range, noise avoidance, and rejection of current sound Beautiful, transportable, and handy storage.


  • Free resistance: High Temperature resistance
  • Effective time saving: You deserve a real fast charger
  • Safety Current: Automatically identify Charges
  • IC Board self-Protection – Adjust the matched current
  • Model: A26
  • Input Ac 220-240 50/60 Hz 0.5A
  • Output : 5V
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