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Alisha Peach Bleach Cream 500 ml jar

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Alisha Peach Bleach Cream 500 ml jar

Alisha Peach Bleach Cream 500 ml jar

Application Instructions:

Clean the area to be bleached with soap and water, dry with a spatula, measure out approximately a quarter teaspoon of powder, and set on a tray. Clear a spatula. Take roughly a half-teaspoon of cream. Mix the cream and power well. Apply the mixture with a spatula, fully coating the hair.

 15 minutes or so, leave mixture on hair; scrape off with spatula. Re-apply the mixture if the hair is not entirely bleached and let it on for another 10 minutes.

 Remove the mixture with a spatula and wash your skin with cold water if it is sensitive. When hair is bleached, add extra cream and reapply it before washing with cold water.


Skin, hair, and nails are left soft and silky after using Alisha Bleach cream. The brows maintain consistency and prevent mixture from getting in the eyes.

Product Volume: 500 ml

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