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Anex Deluxe Kettle Model AG-4045

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Product Description: The ANEX Deluxe Kettle combines modern design with functionality, making it an ideal addition to any kitchen or office space. It features a sleek and durable stainless steel construction that not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures its longevity.

The kettle has a generous capacity, allowing you to boil up to 1.7 liters (or a suitable capacity) of water at a time. This makes it suitable for various purposes such as making tea, coffee, instant soups, or even boiling water for cooking purposes.


  1. Rapid Boiling: The ANEX Deluxe Kettle is equipped with a powerful heating element that ensures quick and efficient boiling of water. You won't have to wait long for your water to reach the desired temperature, saving you valuable time in your daily routine.

  2. Temperature Control: This kettle offers precise temperature control, allowing you to select the desired heat level for different beverages or recipes. Whether you need boiling water, warm water, or a specific temperature for delicate teas, you can easily adjust the settings to meet your requirements.

  3. Keep Warm Function: The ANEX Deluxe Kettle comes with a convenient keep warm function that maintains the water temperature for a certain period of time. This feature is particularly useful if you want to keep the water hot for subsequent use without the need to reboil.

  4. Safety Features: Safety is a priority with the ANEX Deluxe Kettle. It features an automatic shut-off function, which turns off the kettle once the water reaches boiling point or if it detects that the kettle is empty. This protects against accidental overheating and helps conserve energy.

  5. Cordless Design: The kettle is designed with a cordless base, allowing for easy maneuverability and hassle-free pouring. You can lift the kettle off the base and carry it to your desired location without the restriction of a cord.

  6. Water Level Indicator: The kettle is equipped with a transparent water level indicator, which allows you to easily monitor the amount of water inside. This ensures you add the right amount of water for your needs and prevents overfilling or boiling the kettle when it's empty.

  7. Easy to Clean: The ANEX Deluxe Kettle is designed for easy cleaning. The wide mouth opening and removable filter enable effortless access for cleaning and descaling, ensuring the kettle remains in pristine condition over time.

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