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Clothes Hangers 4 in 1 Stylish

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Clothes Hanger 4 in 1 Stylish 


Invoibler plastic hangers have a clean, smooth surface that will not fade, allowing you to hang your clothes safely.
There are no sharp edges on Invoibler plastic notched clothes hangers, so you won't have to worry about any damage, creases, or marks on your clothes.

Invoibler plastic notched clothes hangers have two shoulder grooves to easily secure clothes and other accessories and keep them from slipping, making them ideal for hanging ties, belts, shawls, dresses, tank tops, and women's undergarments.

Organize Your Closet: Invoibler heavy duty clothing hangers are ultra-slim and designed to help you maximise closet space while keeping your clothes organised.


*  Shoulder Grooved Clothes Hangers
*  Included in the package are Plastic Hooks Warm Please do not overburden the product with heavy items. Please        avoid using the product in a dryer.

* Invoibler plastic hangers are the ideal size: 16"L x 9.25"W x 1/4" thickness, making them ideal for hanging     everyday standard adult clothes.
* Versatile: Invoibler plastic hangers are ideal for hanging coats, jackets, sweaters, suits, shirts, dresses, pants, tank tops, and women's undergarments, as well as accessories like ties, belts, shawls, and more.


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