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Door Mat - Round - 1 Pcs

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Door Mat - Round - 1 Pcs

Product Title: Door Mat - Round - 1 Pcs


Door Mat - Round - 1 Pcs, The foot is matt red in color and has a pink and black double heart design. This matt is made of long-lasting material like Palmyra (palm), fibers, nylon, and rubber. The size of this matt is used at the entrance point, in front of the bathroom doors, and anywhere you want. This matt is washable, you can beat it with a broom and all the mud is out or uses a vacuum cleaner. The size of this foot matt is 28 inches long and 20 inches wide.


  • Door Mat
  • Material long-lasting Palmyra (palm), fibers, nylon & rubber
  • Size (28" inches long & 20" inches wide)
  • Available in Different Colors and Designs
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