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Electronics Kitchen Scale SF-400

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Electronics Kitchen Scale SF-400

Electronics Kitchen Scale SF-400


Electronics Kitchen Scale SF-400 is a professional scale designed for the kitchen, It has a large round stainless steel washable tray for routine cleaning. It is battery-operated and easy to use with a total capacity of 7kg and 1g accuracy.

This ultra-portable digital weighing Kitchen scale is extremely accurate. Use for home, kitchen, jewelry, gems, powder tea, & medicine measurements, etc. Not for commercial use. Weigh max up to 7kg. A large backlit LCD display makes for easy viewing. Handy, portable, and durable.

A kitchen scale is made up of breakable plastic material, Equipped with a high-quality Precision Strain Gauge Sensor System. Best use when you have to measure some kind of liquid or powder. You can put a bowl on the machine & press tare the machine will show zero & then shall take the weight of liquid or powder separately.

I've never thought I'd need to own the top kitchen scale or any kitchen scale, for that matter. I'm an expert in making do use what I already have This is why I wrapped your birthday present in newspaper grocery bags. I wash plastic bags that are resalable and hang them up to dry! I cut the paper towel in two! I'm not expensive at all. What's the reason I would want to overflow my home with useless kitchen appliances?


A fashionably designed weighing device, kitchen weighing scale, with Bowl with Illuminated Display is the reason it's an ideal cook's companion. You can now weigh kilograms or grams of the ingredients you're planning to incorporate into your food with this cutting-edge gadget. The large LCD display displays the results with precision in various weight units according to the requirements. It is simple to clean by hand or dishwasher after usage. It is suitable for children to use for baking at a beginner's level as well. Make sure to weigh the ingredients prior to cooking using a kitchen weight scale. A wide variety of kitchen products are available at the Cartco.


  • Solid Build, High Quality
  • The kitchen Scale is compact, portable, and easy to clean and use. It has tare (Zero) Function
  • Capacity: 500g, 1000g, 3000g, 5000g, Max up to 7000g
  • Automatic zero resetting and automatic switch-off in 3 seconds
  • Low power, low battery, and overload indicator
  • With tempered glass weighing plate
  • Big LCD display, easy to read
  • High precision strain gauge sensor
  • Division: 0.1oz/1g
  • Capacity: 7000g (7Kg) / About 260oz (16lb)
  • Direct conversion between g and oz
  • Auto zero, auto-off
  • Low battery / Overload Indication
  • Multi-unit display
  • Tare Function
  • Size: 24cm x 16.8cm x 4cm
  • Weight: 550g
  • Battery: 1.5V x 2 AA Battery
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