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Eskulin Kids Pooh Baby Powder 150gm

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Eskulin Kids Pooh Baby Powder 150gm

Eskulin Kids Pooh Baby Powder 150gm


Disney Kids Winnie The Pooh Baby Powder 150g - Children are truly enthralled by playing and imagination is a natural process that occurs during their growth. When it comes to children's play and amusements we can even meet the positive, imaginative characters that have themes of soft, affectionate beautiful, tender, and caring princesses. Positive values are recognized as a character and moral that is important to cultivate at an early age for the children's development. 

Through Eskulin Kids those positive vibes are delivered through a variety of personal products from body wash to the shampoo that is infused with the most popular and beloved children's characters. The personal care line comes with a unique design for packaging with a Princess design. In the course of play, kids learn how to take care of their bodies using the appropriate products appropriate for their age, which is why they are taught to stay clean and remain disciplined when it comes to managing their hygiene.


  • Dimension: Width:30mm
  • Height: 130mm
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Weight: 150g
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