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Hot Ice Deodorant Body Spray Twist L Blue

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Hot Ice Deodorant Body Spray Twist L Blue


Hot Ice Deodorant body spray Twist L. Blue for men is a type of personal care product specifically designed for men that provides long-lasting freshness and odor protection. It comes in a spray can and is typically applied to the underarms or other areas of the body where sweat and odor can be a concern. The deodorant spray "Ice Twist" in the name may refer to the scent or the cooling sensation the spray provides. It may also contain menthol or other ingredients that give a refreshing and cooling sensation when applied to the skin.

It's important to note that deodorant body perfume for men should not be used as a replacement for proper hygiene practices like regular showering and washing of clothes. They are meant to supplement these practices and help men stay feeling fresh and confident throughout the day.


  • Brand: Hot Ice
  • Fragrance volume: 200 ML
  • For Men
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • French perfume
  • does not stain clothing For the man who maximizes every second
  • Crisp, energizing, and cold, the scent reflects the modern man's busy lifestyle
  • It is distinctly modern and manly due to the deep fragrance and geranium middle note. Green undertones, mint, and coriander enliven a calming watery note.
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