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KRONE Deodorant Body Spray CLASSICAL

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KRONE Deodorant Body Spray CLASSICAL


Classical appeals to you because of its leathery texture combined with luxurious and sophisticated woody tones, which helps to distinguish your individuality. The influence of it makes you daring and unforgettable. Deodorant body spray classical is a type of personal care product that helps to prevent body odor. It is typically applied to the underarms and other areas of the body that are prone to sweating. The classical scent refers to a traditional, timeless fragrance that is often associated with sophistication and elegance.

The deodorant body spray classical typically contains an antiperspirant that works by blocking sweat glands, as well as a fragrance to mask any unpleasant odors. Some formulations may also include additional ingredients such as moisturizers or skin conditioners.

When using deodorant body perfume classical, it is important to follow the instructions on the label and apply the product only to clean, dry skin. It is also recommended to avoid applying the spray directly to clothing, as it may cause stains or discoloration.


  • Leathery in Texture, It Draws People In
  • Rich & Elegant
  • The Contribution of Woody Notes Towards Individuality
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