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KRONE Deodorant Body Spray TEMPTED

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KRONE Deodorant Body Spray TEMPTED


The Tempted deodorant is a combination of wickedly enhanced chocolate, delectable vanilla, and sweet amber tones. People are drawn to you because to the influence that it has, which is pleasant and endearing.

The body spray from perfume bottles give out a fragrant impression and help keep unpleasant body odor at bay for the duration of the day. You just need a little mist of KRONE TEMPTED body perfume to feel revitalized and clear-headed for the whole of the day. An exhilarating rush of crisp, intense freshness and protection from odor are what guys get from using deodorant. Just get in touch with us via Cartco in the event that our deodorant does not meet your expectations in any way, and we will take care of the situation. Spraying should never be done directly on a flame or in front of the eyes.


  • Effects that are Pleasantly Sweet due to the Incorporation of Rich Chocolate and Vanilla. Scent of Temptation. 00% Original Product
  • Deodorant Body Spray for Men
  • Long Defense Against Body Smell
  • French Perfume
  • Brand: Krone
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