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She Is Sweet Deodorant Spray Green

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She Is Sweet Deodorant Spray Green


For those who put a positive spin on everything... She is Sweet Deo comes in a vibrant green container, controls perspiration throughout the day, and eliminates the creation of unpleasant smells with a perfume that is designed for everyday use. It is also given at a reasonable price. The combination of a glistening variety of flowers and citrus fruits with the mouthwatering fruits creates a breezy atmosphere that is both hot and unique.

Musk Sandalwood and Vanilla body spray is a popular fragrance that is beloved by many for its warm and inviting scent. The blend of musk, sandalwood, and vanilla creates a unique aroma that is both sweet and woody.

The musk in the fragrance adds a subtle animalistic note to the scent, while the sandalwood provides a warm and comforting woody aroma. Vanilla is the sweet and creamy note that ties everything together, making the fragrance more inviting. This body perfume is perfect for those who want to smell good without overwhelming those around them. It's ideal for everyday wear, especially during the colder months, as the warm and cozy scent is perfect for chilly days.


  • Brand: She’s
  • Color: Green
  • Fragrance volume: 200 ML
  • The Sweet Green. 
  • With its energy derived from citrus fruits and a scent appropriate for daily use,
  • It controls perspiration throughout the day and prevents the development of offensive odors.
  • Durable
  • Base Notes - Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla
  • Strong, pleasant aroma Perfect gift
  • You won't have to worry about sweaty pits or an unpleasant odour when you use the scented body spray and deodorant that comes with the Female Deodorant Aerosol. It smells fruity and fragrant at the same time. This invigorating body spray, which was conceptualized on the basis of perfumes, exudes a scent that is reminiscent of both fruit and flowers.
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