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GEEPAS Citrus Juicer GCJ5383, with 1.2 L Jug Capacity, 2 Years Warranty

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Introducing the GEEPAS Citrus Juicer – the ultimate appliance for extracting fresh and tangy juice from citrus fruits. Say goodbye to tedious manual squeezing and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of this powerful juicer.Designed with precision and innovation, the GEEPAS Citrus Juicer ensures optimal juice extraction with minimal effort. Its sturdy construction and reliable motor guarantee long-lasting performance, making it a reliable addition to your kitchen.

The juicer features a user-friendly design, making it easy to operate and clean. Simply cut your citrus fruit in half, place it on the juicing cone, and gently press down. The juicer's efficient mechanism will extract every drop of juice, leaving behind the seeds and pulp with the GEEPAS Citrus Juicer, you can enjoy a variety of citrus juices such as orange, grapefruit, lemon, and lime, packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Start your day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or add a zesty twist to your recipes – the possibilities are endless.

Cleanup is a breeze with the removable parts that are dishwasher safe. The compact size of the juicer ensures it won't take up much space on your countertop, making it ideal for small kitchens or those with limited storage.Invest in the GEEPAS Citrus Juicer and elevate your juicing experience. Enjoy the satisfaction of freshly squeezed juice, bursting with flavor and goodness. Make healthy choices for yourself and your loved ones with this reliable and efficient citrus juicer.

Key Features:

  • Power: 25 Watt
  • Capacity (L): 1.2l Capacity
  • Bi-Direction Twist
  • 2 Press Cone attachments
  • 25 Watts
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