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Gesture Sensor + Remote Control Torsion Stunt Car

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Gesture Sensor + Remote Control Torsion Stunt Car

Gesture Sensor + Remote Control Torsion Stunt Car


Choose from two control modes: either put the watch on your hand to control the car using your hand gestures or use the remote control for a more traditional method of driving. This will help teach kids to recognize how their motor skills and hand-eye coordination affect the car’s movement.

Stunt car is simple to carryaround, it is lightweight and tiny in size, which means you can carry it along and enjoy playing with pals with ease. The car that you control with a remote is simple to turn and turn. It can perform all sorts of fun stunts when moving back and forward and turning left, and turning in the direction of the other.

It's an excellent toy for children. They will be thrilled having fun with it. The remote-controlled car comes with characteristics like convenience and security and longevity. It's good for kids' health and capability. Kids can perform all sorts of 360-degree stunts with the aid of its front wheel rotating design.



  • Promote Creativity and Imagination
  • Learn Care and Responsibility
  • Develop Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Twists, Turns, and Drifts
  • Two Modes for Twice the Fun
  • Imported Product
  • High-Quality
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