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GFC Fans Plastic Exhaust Fan 8 Inches 200mm

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GFC Fans Plastic Exhaust Fan 8 Inches 200mm

GFC Fans Plastic Exhaust Fan 8 Inches 200mm


These Exhaust Fans are designed to combat pollution and unpleasantness. They are powered by high-performance motors that effectively eliminate dust, smoke, and odors, as well as other harmful pollutants. These fantastic fans will make sure that your kitchen, office bath, or store remains clean and your health is maintained. They are available in a range of sizes that will fit in every space. 

 Exhaust Fans are engineered to efficiently fight the effects of pollution and stuffiness. They are equipped with powerful motors, they efficiently eliminate dust, smoke and stink, and other contaminants. These Exhaust fans will make sure they keep your office or kitchen, bath or even the store are clean and remain healthy. They are available in a range of sizes to suit every space.

These Exhaust Fans are specially designed to ease you during the scorching summer months. The appealing appearance along with the efficiency-enhancing technology is a welcome relief to be enjoyed. Every time the fan is on, it creates a feeling of tranquility and comfort.


  • High-speed Domestic Exhaust that is high-speed and has a sleek ergonomic design that will complement your interiors.
  • Self-opening louvers for protection against birds & rainwater.
  • High-quality engineering plastic that has a paint coating that gives modern design, trendy and elegant appearance.
  • It is suitable for wall and window indoor installation.
  • Size available in 8″, 10″ and 12″.
  • Fan ON-Off operations are inter-locked through the pull cord

General Specifications

  • Type:Capacitor
  • Blades:6
  • Sweep:200mm
  • Warranty:Yes
  • RPM : 1350
  • Air Delivery : 13 m3/min
  • Power : 32 Watts
  • Service Value : 14.06 ft3/min/Watt
  • Colors : Offwhite
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