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Glass Tube Candle Holder - 1 Pcs

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Glass Tube Candle Holder - 1 Pcs

Glass Tube Candle Holder - 1 Pcs


This Glass Tube Candle Holder in elegant white transparent crystal color it is widely used on dining tables at the time of candlelight dinner and best for decoration or to be placed on the side tables or in the living or sitting room to make a perfect look for the room and enhance the surroundings of the room. 

You can now light up any room by using these candle holders. They are Antique Pieces, you won't have to light up your candles for everyone to take notice of these beautiful pieces. It's up to you to see. Does needs Store bring vintage brass candle stands that can enhance your decor with these classic and stylish candle stands? These candles are evergreen and possess the nostalgic appeal to our classic home decor.

The glow of candles can bring ambiance to any time of the day - they can bring a sense of light to dark mornings and make a romantic dinner more romantic or even make the space feel more warm and welcoming. It is made up of glass material and has a size of 7" inches in height. A wide variety of related products are available at the Cartco.


  • Glass Tube Candle Holder
  • 1 Piece
  • Size (H): 11" inches Diameter
  • Fancy Glass tube Candle Holder
  • Material: Glass
  • High Quality
  • Weight: 250 grams approx
  • Color: Transparent White Crystal Glass
  • Or it can be used as a Decoration Piece
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