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Haier Inverter Anti Bacterial Refrigerator In Purple And Red Colors Model HRF-398IFPA & HRF-398IFRA

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The Haier Inverter Anti Bacterial Refrigerator

Product Description:

The Haier Inverter Anti Bacterial Refrigerator is designed to meet the cooling needs of modern households. It offers a spacious and well-organized interior, allowing you to store and preserve your food items with ease. With its advanced cooling technology and anti-bacterial protection, this refrigerator ensures optimal freshness and hygiene.


  1. Inverter Technology: The refrigerator is equipped with an inverter compressor that adjusts the cooling power based on the cooling demand. This technology not only provides efficient cooling but also helps in reducing energy consumption, resulting in energy savings and quieter operation.

  2. Anti-Bacterial Protection: The refrigerator incorporates an anti-bacterial feature that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria inside the fridge. This feature promotes a more hygienic environment, keeping your food fresh and safe.

  3. Spacious Interior: The Haier Inverter Anti Bacterial Refrigerator offers ample storage space to accommodate a large quantity of food items. It may include adjustable shelves, door bins, and drawers that allow for convenient organization and customization of the storage area.

  4. Energy Efficiency: Haier focuses on energy efficiency in its refrigerators. With the inverter technology and optimized cooling systems, these refrigerators are designed to reduce power consumption, resulting in lower electricity bills.

  5. Frost-Free Operation: The refrigerator features a frost-free cooling system that prevents the accumulation of frost and ice. This eliminates the need for manual defrosting and ensures hassle-free maintenance.

  6. LED Display and Controls: Some models may come with an LED display panel that provides easy access to temperature controls and other settings. This allows you to adjust the temperature, activate specific modes, and monitor the refrigerator's performance effortlessly.

  7. Multi-Air Flow System: Haier Inverter Anti Bacterial Refrigerators often incorporate a multi-air flow system that ensures consistent cooling throughout the refrigerator. This helps to maintain an optimal temperature and humidity level, extending the freshness of your food.

  8. Additional Features: Depending on the model, the refrigerator might offer additional features such as quick-freeze compartments, separate temperature controls for different sections, smart connectivity options, and water/ice dispensers.

Please note that the specific features, capacities, and designs of Haier Inverter Anti Bacterial Refrigerator models can vary. For detailed information about a particular model, it's best to refer to the official Haier website or consult the product documentation provided by Haier.

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