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Handmade Allah Name's 2Pcs Canvas Oil Painting - 10x10Inch

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100% Handmade Allah Name 2Pcs Canvas Oil Painting - 10x10Inch

100% Handmade Allah Name's 2Pcs Canvas Oil Painting - 10x10Inch


This vintage style portrait canvas painting is made with pure and high-quality oil paints and made with an elegant finish, it is totally made with human hands by the special children and students of the Nice welfare Society, and all the amount received from the sale of these items is purely used on the children's of welfare for their benefits. These canvas paintings come in a Single panel made with high-quality material and not from recycled material and they are new and fresh combining them will make a perfect picture.


  1. 100% Handmade Allah Name's 2Pcs Canvas Oil Painting - 10x10Inch
  2. Material: Two Pieces of Canvas panels, Oil Painting
  3. Size (LxWxH): Center 10" Height x 10" Length Inch
  4. Shape: Square Shape
  5. High-Quality material used
  6. Not Recycled material is used, all material used is new and fresh
  7. 100% Handmade
  8. These paintings are made with high-quality material and human handmade made by special children's & students of the welfare society
  9. Elegant Finish Also, use as a decoration piece wall decor
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