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Magic Rubik's Cube 3x3 Puzzle Brain Game

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Magic Rubik's Cube 3x3 Puzzle Brain Game

Magic Rubik's Cube 3x3 Puzzle Brain Game

Description & Features:

STRONG AND STURDY&LONGER LIFE – (1)ABS material, Made safe, third-party lab tested, BPA free and non-toxic, Stick-less smooth surface; (2)Small card corner design, anti-POP ability outstanding, stable and not scattered, it is difficult to remove; (3)The speed cubes has passed the US safety certification

FINE MOTOR SKILLS AND SPEED – (1) Cross shaft design, freely adjustable, smooth feel; (2)Anti-adhesive groove,  smoother and more durable, no longer have to worry about the feeling of the cube after playing for a while; (3) High quality and Superb rotation, good fault-tolerant performance, includes an English instruction manual, Suitable for beginners and professional

PERFECT SPECIFICATIONS – (1) 56mm*56mm, mainstream game size, suitable for WCA major competitions; (2) Light to 80g, light hand, suitable for children, even if you practice for a long time, you will not feel tired; (3) Color upgrade, enhance the recognition, which is conducive to rapid restoration;(4)Package Includes – 3 x 3-speed cube, cube stand, and cube tutorial

BENEFITS OF SOLVING A BRAIN PUZZLE CUBE –(1)Improve your concentrations(2)Improve the hand-eye combination(3)Improve the spatial thinking increase IQ level(4)Improve overall cognitive skills(5)Keep the mind sharp in old age

THE PERFECT GIFT – Whether it is design or use, the feel is very good smooth and smooth, large angle cut corners, and high fault tolerance Is a great cube. Your child will definitely like it! This is a classic educational toy that will never be outdated. It is suitable for children, adults, and seniors. Hurry up to have it and let your big family have a fun and exciting speed cube game

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