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Mouse And Rat Glue Board (Mouse & Rat Killer)

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Mouse And Rat Glue Board (Mouse&Rat Killer

 STROGNLY ADHESIVE STICKY GLUE TRAPS These mice glue traps indoor are made of a special glue that is both strong and evenly distributed. Making it easier to catch mice, rats, snakes, and other pests while keeping your home clean, tidy, and healthy. It is not affected by weather changes. Excellent for use in kitchens, homes, restaurants, and bars.

Simply place some bait in the middle of mice traps and place them in areas where rats frequently travel. To get the mouse out of the trap, you don't have to touch it. Simply place them in the trash together. There was no scribble and no fingers snapped. This is the most suitable mouse for you and your family. Let's get rid of the old mouse traps.


House Indoor Outdoor, Easy to Set

Easy to Use:

1.Open the mouse trap and remove the two buttons carefully.

2.Put the glue mouse board together and squeeze hard, then open it hard. Which makes the glue more adhensive and the effect better.

3.Set the bait that the mouse likes to eat to the center of the mice trap.

4.Place the mouse trap to anywhere mice frequently pass-by.

Tips for Better Use:

1.Please place the mouse traps into the damp or moist locations like basements or under sinks where mouse likes to go.

2.For best effect, place 2 mouse traps 5-10 ft.

3.If the mouse is still not caught a few days later, please try a different bait or place.

4.Avoid direct sunlight exposure and water for good effect.

5.If the sticky board gets wet, please dry it up before use.

6.If the glue sticks to your hands or other objects, apply vegetable oil, turpentine or petroleum products, and wash with soap and water.

7.Keep the mouse sticky trap out of reach of children& pets.

8.To avoid polluting floor or wall, please put a larger paper under mouse traps.

Package Included: 12 x Mouse Glue Traps

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