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Nexton Baby Diaper Care Cream 75ml

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Nexton Baby Diaper Care Cream 50ml

Nexton Baby Diaper Care Cream 75ml


Nexton Baby diaper care cream cares for sensitive pores and skin withinside the diaper region by shielding it from moisture. It Soothes pores and skin and diminishes the advent of redness and protects against dampness. It has a completely unique dual-motion to assist deal with and save you diaper rash. The cream consists of Castor oil, Olive oil, and Paraffin oil which paintings to melt and recondition your dearest one`s pores and skin.


  • Nourishes & Soothes
  • Protects from rashes
  • Superior absorption properties
  • Castor Oil & Zinc Oxide
  • Nourishes & Soothers
  • Protects from Rashes
  • Hels Repair
  • Size : 50ml
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