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Peach Heart Shape Candy Dish

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Peach Heart Shape Candy Dish

Peach Heart Shape Candy Dish


This Peach Heart Shape Candy Dish is made up of user-friendly plastic food-grade material, It has multiple compartments to store candies and sweets items and put them along with you on your bed while watching TV, Movies, or Surfing the web on your smartphones.

This Candy Dish has a mobile phone holder on it so you can place your phone on it and enjoy watching your shows while eating. 5 compartments in a single box.

Peach Heart Shape Candy Dish With Lid made using top-quality glass. It's much healthier than plastic or any other type of material. It allows you to keep your sugar, candy cookies, sweets Turkish delights, and more in glass containers in a safe place. It is possible to use this lead-free clear serving bowl that has a cover while serving coffee, tea, and other drinks to your guests.

A durable glass Canister protects your sugar dry from humidity. These Candy Dishes are great for the storage and display of every kind of dry item like cookies, candy coffee, rice, spices candy, and more. Glass containers are useful for serving food items you use every day. They can be used repeatedly and over and save money, your time.

When you stop by the shop, you'll be able to sit in our Candy Bar and watch chocolates being made, while tasting the assortment of spirits we offer in our store. All of them are perfect together with chocolates! Keep an eye on us as we will be sharing more events in the near future!


  • Made for candy dish lovers
  • Lead-free crystal. Dimensions 5X5X2
  • A perfect holiday gift
  • Stylish and Functional Design
  • Food Safe - Easy To Clean
  • Lead-Free, BPA Free, All-Natural Glass
  • 100% Recyclable, and Environment Friendly.
  • Excellent for Storing Sweets, Cookies, candies
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