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Power Box Pocket Juice Elite Power Bank

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Power Box Pocket Juice Elite Power Bank

Product Title: Power Box Pocket Juice Elite Power Bank


Multifunction digital movable charger. Using the efficient boost converter and battery protective IC. Its built-in intelligent identification chips ate able to identify different kinds of digital products' voltage & electric current. Reaching Available charge. It with built-in high-capacity battery, small appearance, wide scope of application, longevity life, high cost-performance.

Built-in intelligent recognition voltage imported chip can automatically identify the mobile phone, PSP, tablets, and other digital products charge. The precise electronic board has prevented overcharge, discharge, prevent leakage, short circuit, and high-temperature resistance. High-quality high-capacity batteries, durable. Support for fast charging, no memory effect, charging circuit number up to 1000 times. Standard USB output, Micro/Mini USB input, simple and easy to carry. Pocket Juice Elite 10000 with Wireless Charging 10000 mAh capacity Comes fully charged for your convenience USB-C cables included for rapid wired charging of modern smartphones Pocket Juice Elite Wireless Pocket Power Bank makes use of inductive charging to wirelessly charge any smartphone. The Pocket Juice 10000 Elite Wireless leverages cutting-edge technology to make it easier than ever before to keep your phone or smart device charged. Cut the cord and make use of inductive charging as a phone-agnostic method that uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy from the charger to any device placed on its surface. For added functionality, the Pocket Juice Portable Charger also comes with USB-C cables, made to charge your modern smartphone faster than ever. Best of all, this charger comes pre-charged, allowing you to purchase and make use of it right away.


  • Product name/type: Power Box Power Juice Wireless charging Power bank
  • Design: Pocket juice
  • Country of origin/manufacturer: Germany
  • Material/Ingredient: Lithium Polymer Anti Shock Material
  • Feature: Capacity 10,000 mAh, Wireless Output: 5V/1A , Type C Input: 5V/2A , Type C Output; 5V/2.1A , Micro Input; 5V/2A , USB Output: 5V/2.1A
  • Benefits/Advantages: Fastest wireless as well as USB and Type C Output Charging
  • Application/Function: Multi Ways of Charging
  • Evidence/Awards: Quality Inspection and certified by German manufacture and awarded best quality awards from many expo center business exhibitions.
  • Colour: Dull Black - Matte Finish
  • Return: Change of mind is not acceptable if the product is damaged upon receiving we will replace it.
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