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Realtek V380 Wifi Smart Camera

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Realtek V380 Wifi IP Smart CCTV Security Camera Dual Antenna with Realtek Chip

Realtek V380 Wifi IP Smart CCTV Security Camera Dual Antenna with Realtek Chip


Cameras that monitor motion have become popular in places that require continuous security and homes fall into the same category. It's a great idea to have cameras in your home, even if you're at home all the time since there are areas of your house that aren't easy to observe or monitor. But, just recording cameras don't suffice at times and people want to be aware of an outsider in their property. 

This is the reason why motion tracking equipment has gained a lot of popularity and it is now possible to install security cameras that have the entire feature. 

It's quite convenient because it only records when it senses movement, so it doesn't require you to fast-forward through monotonous moments. It's now much easier because mobile applications can be synced to cameras to quickly be notified of any motion that is detected when the camera was installed. V380 Pro is one of the apps that do this and lets you watch live streams as well as replays of captured moments. 

The application will notify you to any movement--almost enough, in fact--and it'll send you a picture and let you operate the camera by yourself. You can even use an option to use a voice-to-text option if you own an audio device that is compatible with the application. Regarding your videos, these will be stored in secure cloud storage. But, all of these options sound fantastic if only the app worked well enough. At present, V380 Pro works a little poorly for the majority of.

Features :

  • V380 WiFi Smart Camera 1080p HD Quality with Night Vision Quality Guaranteed (2MP)
  • Smart Flexible full PTZ Camera
  • Remote Control 355 degree rotate
  • Easy to retrieve real-time remote viewing
  • Picture quality is nice and smooth
  • Listening and recording
  • Audio Intercom
  • Alarm Pushing


  • Dual Antenna
  • Realtek Chip Inside
  • Pan/Tilt Live View
  • Recording up to 64GB (Memory card not included)
  • WiFi CCTV camera, HD camera, wireless security camera, 2MP camera
  • Surveillance distance 18 ft
  • Storage - 64 GB
  • Brand: Realtek - V380
  • Alert type: Motion Only
  • Wireless Communication Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Power source type: Corded Electric
  • Video Capture Resolution : 1080p
  • Zoom Ratio: 1.3mp
  • Focus Type: Autofocus
  • Colour : White color
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