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Sinbo Garment Steam Station SSI-2891

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SINBO Garment Steam Station SSI-2891


Introducing the SINBO Garment Steam Station, your ultimate solution for wrinkle-free clothing. This garment steam station is designed to effortlessly remove wrinkles and creases from your garments, providing a professional and polished look. With its powerful steam output and advanced technology, it quickly penetrates the fabric, relaxing the fibers and eliminating stubborn wrinkles in moments. The large water tank allows for continuous steaming sessions, ensuring you can tackle multiple garments without interruption. The SINBO Garment Steam Station features adjustable steam settings, allowing you to customize the intensity according to the fabric type. With its ergonomic design and easy-to-use controls, steaming your clothes becomes a simple and enjoyable task. Upgrade your clothing care routine with the SINBO Garment Steam Station and enjoy wrinkle-free garments with ease.


  • 2100 W Vertical Steam Power
  • 5 Bar steam pressure
  • Steam keeps going 45g
  • Ceramic bottom
  • Capacity 800 liter Water Tank
  • Transportable water tank
  • A sign that there is water is
  • one-year warranty
  • The detachable 0.8-liter liquid reservoir for the steam station Sinbo SSI 2891 may be withdrawn from the appliance in a single motion and then filled with the necessary amount of water. Even the most wrinkled garments may be smoothed out in a couple of minutes thanks to the strong pressure of the 4.5 bar steam supply. The ceramic sole of the steam station's iron provides quick sliding of the appliance and avoids shiny marks from developing on garments.
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