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WSTER Wireless Microphone Hifi Speaker WS-858

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WSTER Wireless Microphone Hifi Speaker WS-858

WSTER Wireless Microphone Hifi Speaker WS-858


Karaoke WSTER WS-858 Wireless Microphone and Hifi Speaker, Karaoke microphone with a built-in powerful single speaker, professional control keys: high and low control, music volume/external source, microphone volume, echo effect. Connection to karaoke or smartphone via Bluetooth to use songs as backing tracks.

Multi-function buttons let you modify the bass, treble Reverb, accompaniment, playback volume. It is possible to switch between the next and previous song modes. An adjustable echo length effect will create a super-sonic surround sound with full enjoyment.USB port lets you connect USB and convert this Magic Piece to MP3 and play it directly.

  • Low Energy Consumption: Bluetooth technology for lower energy consumption but more stable connection and faster transmits speed, effective wireless operating distance.
  • Metal Protective: Metal shell protective and super bass loss-less sound create a high-quality listening experience
  • Recording: It also can record with the mobile phone, connect the recording wire and open the Karaoke APP on the mobile phone, then you can record the song and save it.
  • Noise cancellation: it contains a noise cancellation function wireless capacitive microphone, you can enjoy singing wonderful music by yourself.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Bluetooth wireless design for connecting to any Bluetooth-enabled smart device.
  • Selfie Function: You can take a selfie with this because it supported selfie mode. It can support a higher version of an android system or iOS System.
  • USB Supported: It can support multiple USB device functions like you can play a song for external sources, record your voice as a storage medium.

Features & Specs:

  • Professional adjustment buttons Treble / Bass / Volume / Father / Reverb can be adjusted by the microphone.
  • Voice change with one key Roleplay 4 voice change modes with the one-key operation, to give out your diversified and unique voice
  • Bluetooth wireless microphone and speakers, two-in-one, no additional connection to work independently.
  • The microphone head has three noise reduction processing, more effective highlight your beautiful voice.
  • 1800mAh battery up to 6 hours of singing, enjoy the smart phone APP KTV karaoke effect.
  • Compatibility, suitable for iOS and Android smartphones, iPad tablet PCs, Bluetooth, and so on.
  • Multi-purpose: Bluetooth speakers, karaoke singing, car audio, music recording, interviews, podcasts, and so on.
  •  All the ideal singing voice applications can be used as Bluetooth speakers.
  • Get really low noise and high fidelity, clear, delicate voice
  • WS858 is compatible with android and ios, compatible with all K song application
  • What's in the Box: 1x Microphone 1x USB cable 1x 3.5mm Audio Cable 1x User Manual
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