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Babalt S-3A Caller ID Corded Phone

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Babalt S-3A Caller ID Corded Phone

Babalt S-3A Caller ID Corded Phone


FSK/DTMF inbound caller ID display with automatic identification, up to 50 groups with 08 digits inbound call and 15 groups of 08 digits for outgoing call number/time check of the number calling, fast down/up check and redial music on hold and light indicator when in use.

It doesn't require batteries however, the battery box was previously built and is no longer in utilize So, do not put batteries in it, as it works solely by using an active Landline line (Active)


  • FSK/DTMF Dual System Compatible with incoming caller ID display, automatic identification
  • Maximum 50 groups (08 digits) of an incoming call
  • Maximum 15 groups (08 digits) of outgoing call
  • Check, Delete and Call Back Function
  • Do-Not-Disturb (DND) adjustable between 1 - 99 hours
  • 3 levels of ringtone volume, Hi, Low and Off
  • 3 levels of handset volume, Hi, Mid and Low
  • Conversation time, contrast adjustable in 4 levels
  • Number/Time check of calling number, Fast up/down check and redial
  • Music on Hold
  • Light indicator in use
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