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Super Star 2020 GSM Dual SIM Fixed Wireless Phone

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Super Star 2020 GSM Dual SIM Fixed Wireless Phone

Super Star 2020 GSM Dual SIM Fixed Wireless Phone


Wireless quadband GSM desk Phone Combines the affordable pricing options of a SIM card for cell phones with the convenience of an office telephone. A simple way for senior citizens to keep in contact with their family members as well as for business professionals and their families to save money.

The wireless quadband GSM Desk Phone is compatible using any SIM card that can support GSM and lets users choose the preferred wireless plan but also provides the advantages that desk phone. Instead of the limited offerings from a landline for desk phones this GSM phone is an unlocked mobile phone not locked, and lets you choose the SIM card you want to make use of. The GSM desk phone is also able to allow users to send and receive SMS, so you won't spend any money on any SIM plan you buy.

Contemporary and trendy The big-sized buttons on the GSM desktop phone are easy to operate and use especially for people who are elderly or have impairments in their mental or physical health who cannot utilize a normal mobile phone. They no need to carry small devices in their hands. Instead, they can make use of the traditional phones they've always used thanks to Wireless Quadband GSM Desk Phone.

Wireless Quadband GSM Desk Phone, SMS messages that are sent and received is powered with a wall charger or battery. you need no need to worry about power shortages simple navigation menu with high-quality speakers and MIC that allow conversations without hands.


  • Real-time signal strength display, real electricity, and real capacity display.
  • Write, send and receive messages functions.
  • Language Chinese and English.
  • Alarm clock function.
  • Caller identification display, hands-free calls.
  • Go through the User manual and follow the steps to set up the phone
  • Dual-SIM operation
  • 12V Battery Installed (Chargeable)
  • MP3, FM
  • Mute, Record & Solar Power Options
  • User Manual & Start-Up Instruction Inside
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