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Decorador Para Confeito 12Pcs Cake Decoration Set

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Decorador Para Confeito 12Pcs Cake Decoration Set

Decorador Para Confeito 12Pcs Cake Decoration Set


A stunningly decorated cupcake will make you feel awestruck. Discover how you can decorate your cupcake on your own using this step-by-step book set that provides the steps to follow. It includes complete instructions and pictures in color, along with all the tools you require including round decorating tips 12 as well as star tips 18.

You'll discover how to make your icing just the perfect consistency, as well as how to color icing correctly, the correct tips and decorating bags along with pressure control, and 6 different cake decorating tasks. This cupcake shop with a specialization isn't going to be the same as you. A wide variety of related products are available at the Cartco.


  1. Lightweight molds are easy to use and easy to clean.
  2. These cake decorating tips include large and small round tips, tips, rose tips, flouncing tips and etc.
  3. 1 Reusable Pastry Bag x 12 Stainless Steel Nozzles Tip & 1 Converter
  4. It is a Cake Decorating Set used for decorating cake and desserts.
  5. It includes twelve stainless steel nozzles, one solid coupler
  6. The best for decorating cakes and desserts.
  7. Nozzles are made from stainless steel
  8. Both bags and nozzles may be cleaned and used again
  9. Create stunning flowers in just one squeeze using this Tip Set. Tip Set
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