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Premium Bath Towel Remade Luxury Cotton Anthracite (70 x 140 cm)

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Premium Bath Towel Remade Luxury Cotton Anthracite


Drying off should be like the luxurious bath itself. This soft material is big enough to provide ample wrapping space, and the waffle-weave absorbs more water than designs that are not checked. The fabric is also woven so that it causes lesser friction while drying hair.

100% cotton towel is light and dry quickly. It's not going to dry you out like plush towels with loops. In fact, it was the least absorbent during our testing. However, it's not as bulky as an ordinary towel with loops. If you're looking for a more plush towel and soft, this brand's Classic Towel was extremely absorbent and a great overall choice.


  1. Super soft, plush, and absorbent
  2. Held up to 20 wash cycles
  3. Good scores for absorbency, dry time, softness, and strength
  4. Cotton and microfiber blend for a plush feel and fast dry time
  5. Aced absorbency and drying time tests
  6. Heaviest towel we tested
  7. Lightweight and quick-drying


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