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Premium Bath Towel Remade Luxury Cotton Pink (70 x 140 cm)

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Premium Bath Towel Remade Luxury Cotton Pink (70 X 140 Cm)


 Luxury cotton pink Bath Towels are a must-have for any bathroom. They weigh one over a pound more than standard bathroom towels in hotels and this means they provide greater moisture absorption and a more comfortable feeling to your body. They are also available in 13 shades which means you'll find one that works well with your existing bathroom decor. Start with the towel as a source of inspiration to change your wall shade.

Additionally, it was extremely absorptive and durable throughout our testing. It's one of the more expensive options in our test and wasn't as quick to dry as other fabrics, however many reviews have praised it online Bath Towel and it was more durable than the other organic alternatives in our testing.


  1. Absorbent and durable
  2. oft and incredibly absorbent
  3. GH Seal-holder
  4. Less fluffy than other picks
  5. Looks great after repeated laundering
  6. Hot water wash-safe for killing germs and bacteria
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